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Alaska Highway
In 2005, the Edmonton Art Gallery, (now the Art Gallery of Alberta) produced the exhibition THE ROAD: Constructing the Alaska Highway. This Web site recreates to that exhibit.

Alberta Heritage Alphabet
This site presents an overview of the historical, cultural, natural, scientific and technological heritage of Alberta. Through the letters of the alphabet, information is presented at three levels for elementary, secondary and adult learners.

Alberta Heritage Online
Alberta Heritage Online is the gateway to Alberta's heritage resources including museums, historic sites and archives. It promotes cultural tourism through showcasing Places to Go as well as providing a directory of heritage institutions and organizations.

Alberta Naturally Edukit
By exploring the diverse ecosystems and natural wonders of Alberta, students also participate in a global journey of discovery. Students gain an understanding of the climate, landscape and species of the province in the Alberta Naturally Edukit, which draws on the extensive resources of the Alberta Naturally website.

Alberta Petroleum Heritage Edukit
Earth scientists in the petroleum industry have long studied the rocks buried thousands of metres below the surface. Now students can explore the industry through a dynamic resource that encourages and engages classrooms studying Alberta’s petroleum heritage.

Alberta's Arts Heritage
The Alberta's Arts Heritage website is a multimedia resource dedicated to exploring the rich history of the arts in Alberta. Keynote articles explore the performing, literary, visual, and film and media arts. Search the artists' database and listen to approximately 500 hours of CKUA Radio Network's Arts Alberta.

Alberta's Aviation Heritage
This site presents Alberta's contribution to aviation history. Barnstorming, international airfields and early flying inventions come alive as you watch oral histories, listen to Heritage Trails, and read about the pioneers of flight.

Alberta's Black Pioneers
This site gives a brief history of Black pioneer settlement in Alberta and includes insights into the social and political conditions affecting immigration during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage
The Alberta’s Estonian Heritage website tells individual and community stories from the pioneer era to contemporary urban society. Throughout the past 100 years, Alberta’s Estonian communities have changed and adapted; all the while, they have always maintained their strong commitment to preserving their Estonian heritage.

Alberta's Francophone Heritage
Francophone Alberta is important historically, politically, economically, culturally and socially. Discover more through Alberta's Francophone Heritage and its telling of individual and community stories from the era of the fur trade to contemporary Francophone communities confidently embracing the future.

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