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Doors Open Alberta
This site promotes Doors Open Alberta—an annual special event that showcases the architectural heritage of Alberta. Visit the site to find out about our architectural history and different kinds of buildings from modest to extravagant.

Doors Open Alberta Edukit
In Alberta, we live and work in all sorts of buildings, from houses to skyscrapers, but how do all these buildings get built? The Doors Open Alberta Edukit is your multimedia gateway to discovering how buildings get designed and constructed, and to the history of Alberta's architectural heritage.

Edmonton Oilers Heritage
This website coincides with the Edmonton Oilers' 25th Anniversary Celebration marking their arrival in the National Hockey League (NHL) in the 1979-80 season. The site commemorates the rich history and contributions of the Oilers to professional hockey and includes player profiles, memorabilia, video and a photo database.

Edmonton, My Community Edukit
Drawing on an initial selection of 50 photographs from the City of Edmonton Archives Online Catalogue, the Edmonton: My Community Edukit is an image rich learning resource of Edmonton’s past. Students, teachers and parents can access slideshows, games, media files and activities that uncover the origins of Alberta’s capital city. Developed by the Heritage Community Foundation, in partnership with the Social Studies Consultants and the Edmonton Public School Board, this Edukit complements the specific classroom needs of the Social Studies Consultants.

This site is a public learning portal that showcases Edukits developed by the Heritage Community Foundation drawing on its educational websites found at www.albertasource.ca. Edukits are a dynamic assemblage of educational resources including lesson plans, activities, games and interactive content to capture students' imaginations and promote hands-on learning.

Elders’ Voices
They are the ones who remember. They are the keepers of knowledge, and the living memories of ancient cultures. They are the Elders of Alberta’s Aboriginal communities. Read and hear the stories of the Elders in Elders’ Voices, a multimedia testament to the resilience of those who have struggled to keep the old world from being completely swept away by the new.

Famous 5
Until the Famous 5—Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Louise McKinney—decided to challenge the Government of Canada, women were not considered "persons" in the law. Find out about these five amazing women and their contributions to Canadian society and the advancement of women's rights.

Famous 5 Heritage Edukit
Together, they are known as the Famous 5—the women who struggled to have women declared "persons" so they could be appointed to the Canadian Senate. Individually, each was a prominent women's leader in her own right. In partnership with the Famous 5 Foundation, the Heritage Community Foundation developed the Famous 5 website and Edukit.

First Nations Contributions Edukit
The achievements and significant contributions of Aboriginal Peoples have changed the societal landscape throughout Alberta and Canada in many ways. The spirit of the Aboriginal Contributions Edukit is to introduce students to the many contributions of First Nations people in areas such as the Arts, Music, Theatre, Science and Technology, Sports and Recreation as well as Politics. Awareness of the extent of Aboriginal contributions empowers young people and encourages their social development.

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