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Alberta's Inventors and Inventions
The site explores innovation and invention through the patent process and provides access to thousands of patent records. Individual inventors and inventions are profiled and the inventive spirit is seen as crucial to the past and future development of the province of Alberta.

Alberta's Inventors and Inventions Edukit
The Alberta Inventors and Inventions Edukit is a customized educational website that draws on the resources of the Alberta Inventors and Inventions website for the benefit of teachers, students and home learners. The site supports student learning relating to Albertan inventors, the development of their inventions, and their subsequent use as well as showcasing research establishments. It showcases over a century of innovation and explores the inventive spirit of Albertans by demonstrating how Alberta inventions impact our lives on a daily basis.

Alberta's Natural Resources
Alberta's development, past and present, depends on our natural resources. This site provides primary information about Soils and Agriculture, Hydrocarbons and Forests. As well, it explores the history of resource extraction, innovation in resource use as well as issues.

Alberta's Political History
Learn all about the political life of Alberta from past to present—elected officials, the buildings and the stories. Topics covered include Political Institutions, Elections, People and Events. An interactive map allows you to search election records from 1905.

Alberta's Real Estate Heritage
A website about Alberta’s Real Estate Heritage chronicling the social, political, demographic and architectural heritage of Alberta's cities, towns and rural communities in relation to the real estate industry, and describing the present state of the industry.

Alberta's Telephone Heritage
From Alex Taylor to Telus Communications, this site looks at the technology of the telephone and celebrates its development in Alberta. Oral histories, Heritage Trails, and a searchable database let visitors really explore Alberta's telephone heritage.

Alberta: Home, Home On The Plains
To make way for western settlement and the building of the railways, in the latter half of the 19th century, Treaties were undertaken by the Government of Canada with Aboriginal People. Discover the settlement era in Alberta with a focus on early settlement, rural life, farming and ranching.

Alberta: How The West Was Young
Join us as we discover the early history of Alberta going back 11,000 years. The site explores Aboriginal history from the Pre-Contact Era through to the Fur Trade and the Métis—the people who bridged the Old and New Worlds.

Alberta: Naturally
This site explores the natural history of Alberta through an ecosystems approach. Explore the natural regions of Alberta, the flora and fauna, through text, over 700 images, 225 audio files and a flashzone designed specifically for children of all ages.

Albertans: Who do they think they are?
Explore the cultural diversity of Alberta with a focus on the people and issues that have helped make Alberta the dynamic province it is today. More than 60 ethnocultural groups are represented including their history, culture, traditions and contributions.

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