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Origin and Settlement Edukit
Explore Aboriginal origin and settlement patterns across Canada with a focus on Alberta. Stories of Aboriginal origin and settlement are central themes and provide students with a wealth of text, images, audio (including oral histories) and video resources. An examination of specific Aboriginal communities — including the Cree, Dene, Beaver, Métis and Blackfoot — traces the evolution of Aboriginal Peoples from nomadic tribes to dynamic communities settled across the province.

People of the Boreal Forest
The People of the Boreal Forest website retraces the footsteps of Terry Garvin who, between 1954 and 2000, recorded in text and photographs the lives of traditional Aboriginal hunters and trappers living in Canada’s northwest boreal forest. Garvin’s material, which has since been published in two books: Bush Land People and Carving Faces, Carving Lives: People of the Boreal Forest, serves as the foundation of this website, and tells the story of ancient peoples in a changing north.

People of the Boreal Forest Edukit
The People of the Boreal Forest Edukit developed by the Heritage Community Foundation. This Edukit is intended to provide a range of information and activities that highlight and promote an understanding of the People who live and work in the Boreal Forest region of Alberta. In the Teacher Zone, you will find Boreal Forest-specific lesson plans dealing with the Forest, its People, and its Traditions. The Student Zone contains photographs, audio and video samples, textual information, and various activities dealing with the topics above.

Physical Education Edukit
What is the similarity between Rene Bourque, Theoren Fleury, and Ted Nolan? Not only are they accomplished National Hockey League players, but they also have Aboriginal heritage. From contemporary sports such as hockey, lacrosse, and track and field to traditional activities like powwows, the hoop game, or longball, physical education is an integral element of Aboriginal culture. In this exciting Edukit, students will discover various kinds of Aboriginal games and sports, familiarize themselves with successful Canadian Aboriginal athletes throughout history, and play educational games including crossword puzzles and word-searches.

Place Names of Alberta
The Land, the People and Their Stories is a state-of-the-art multimedia website that explores the history of naming in Alberta as well as providing a range of information about names of communities, geographical features and special areas. The study of place names is called toponymy; thus, the Place Names of Alberta Website is a toponymic resource that helps to preserve Alberta's cultural heritage.

Rwanda Edukit
Explore the Rwanda Edukit ( Phase 1 Elementary) part of the Heritage Diversity Edukit Series. Did you know that Rwanda has volcanic mountains? Or that three main groups of peoples have formed the Rwandan nation?

Science Edukit
This Edukit introduces students to the traditional Aboriginal practices that are rooted in science. Students will learn how Aboriginal Peoples dyed their clothing using natural substances, such as bark or berries, and what kind of scientific thought and natural materials were used to engineer a canoe. The text is complemented by historical photographs of natural vegetation and tools used by First Nations and Métis, and it also illustrates the various Native canoe designs. Students are invited to play the educational cross words puzzles and test their knowledge with the quizzes; other activities include crafting their own canoes and dying pieces of fabric.

So This Is Alberta
Just in time for Alberta’s Centennial comes this fun and colourful look at just about everything Albertan: So, This Is Alberta! Featuring the designs and illustrations of Alberta’s own Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen (writers and illustrators of the comics Bub Slug and Betty), this website follows the comic adventures of a raven and a Richardson’s ground squirrel as they explore the history, natural heritage, society and culture, and innovation of the province that sits “second from the left” on the Canadian map. Read the stories! See the pictures! Hear the audio and watch the video! In the end, you’ll just have to sit back and declare: So, This Is Alberta!

Spirit of the Peace Museums - Online Catalogue
This online digital catalogue provides access to selected artifacts, archival images and records drawn from the collections of 26 museums in northern Alberta (the Spirit of the Peace Museums Network). Images relate to Aboriginal and settlement history and include natural history specimens.

Spirituality and Creation Edukit
The Cree, Dene, Beaver and Blackfoot peoples of Treaty areas 6, 7, and 8 share many values and traditions. However, each has a unique view of creation and spirituality. Aboriginal values and beliefs are resilient, and spirituality is central to the continuing growth and survival of Aboriginal communities. The sacred underpins all aspects of life. The Aboriginal Spirituality and Creation Edukit recognizes Aboriginal creation stories, teaches students to respect Aboriginal spirituality in all that it encompasses.

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