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Leadership Edukit
The Elementary section of the Leadership Edukit provides focus upon the groups and confederacies in traditional First Nations groups throughout Canada. Here are resources to help understand the way conflicts were resolved and how leaders are role models for their culture. The Secondary section gives an overview of the development of accommodation with the government of Canada and how the traditional groups dealt with conflict. It introduces contemporary First Nations and Métis leaders and organizations. Included are resource selections, biographies, glossary, timelines, visual resources, and activities. The Teacher Zone provides background material and possible instructional activities linked to the current Alberta Social Studies Program.

Legacy Magazine
On big birthdays (those that end in a zero!) we tend to look at the choices we've made so far and the direction we're heading. Well, 100 is a real biggie for Alberta. to commemorate the occasion, we've created this special centennial issue about the heritage, arts, and culture that define us - looking back, taking stock, expressing hopes for the future.

Making of Treaty 8 in Canada's Northwest
This virtual exhibit explores the making of Treaty 8 through text, historic photographs, audio, video and contextual information, as well as exploring the culture and lifeways of First Nations people.

Math Edukit
Pe’yak, n’iso, nisto: this is Cree for one, two, three, and in this engaging Aboriginal-themed Edukit, students will learn about the significance of math in Native cultures. Topics covered include examining how mathematical concepts play a role in the construction of tipis, the creation of geometrical quill-work or beadwork designs, as well as the science of dendrology. This Math Edukit features colorful graphics, a photo gallery, a glossary, games, and math- related activities for students.

Methodist Missionaries In Alberta
Find out about Methodism in Canada as an aspect of the settlement of the Canadian West. The missionaries came to spread the faith but also became tools for government policy in relation to Aboriginal People. This legacy, good and bad, is explored.

Métis in Alberta
Explore the rich history of the first Francophone community in Alberta through The Métis in Alberta, a fully bilingual website showcasing the origins, the people, and the culture of the Métis who have helped shaped this province into what it is today.

Middle East Edukit: Palestine and Israel
“Identity,” “nation,” and “nationalism” are ever-evolving concepts that hold disparate meanings for different people. At the heart of these varied understandings lay diverse historical, geographic, political, economic, and social factors. By exploring past histories and current challenges through a variety of interactive games, text, images, audio and video resources, students at the senior secondary level are invited to learn about concepts that have shaped times of peace and conflict in the Middle East.

Nature's Laws
Experience the culture and traditions of the First Nation People with Nature's Laws - a website describing aboriginal views on the governance of life.

Northlands Park - Memories Worth Keeping
This website explores the long and rich heritage of Northlands Park—a community organization—over 125 years. Northlands is seen as key to the development of not only the City of Edmonton but also the region. Explore the agricultural roots; rodeo; horse racing; arts and cultural events; trade shows and other economic development activities from past to present.

Oblates in the West
Information about the role and impact of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Western Canada is important not only for a better understanding of Canada’s colonial past but also of the present. Discover 100 years of Oblate history and the Order’s impact on Aboriginal and Métis Peoples as well as Francophone communities on the Oblates in West Website.

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